Xilinx ISE Simulator

(also referred to as Xsim or Isim) Xilinx is no longer possible to install the Modelsim. However, the Xilinx tools have good built-in simulation capabilities. Xilinx Versions Xilinx ISE 9.2 – This is the version of Xilinx which is the last version of ISE to support the Test Bench Waveform Editor. Xilinx ISE 14.7 – […]

Tutorial of Xilinx WebPACK and Modelsim XE

 Create an account at www.xilinx.com Go to www.xilinx.com Click Sign in to access the account on the upper right corner. Click “Create Account” and create your account. An account activation e-mail will be sent in a few minutes. Check your e-mail and activate your account according to the instruction in the e-mail. ISE WebPACK 10.1 […]

Notices in English

Some words should be noticed in the English usage. to- Agree, afford, appear, arrange, attempt, ask, claim, consent, dare, decide, demand, deserve, fail, forget, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, manage, mean, offer, plan, pretend, promise, seem, tend, threaten, want +ing Admit, avoid, complete, consider, delay, deny, enjoy, fancy, finish, imagine, involve, mind, miss, postpone, practice, recommend, […]

Embedded System

Teknologi merupakan cara / prilaku untuk memudahkan tugas dalam kehidupan sehari-hari yang dapat berupa proses teknis, metode, dan produk. Kunci teknologi dalam embedded system terdiri dari tiga hal pokok, yaitu teknologi prosesor, teknologi integrated circuit (IC), dan teknologi desain (terutama dalam bidang very large scale integrated (VLSI)). Prosesor yang digunakan dalam embedded systems disebut sebagai […]